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Welcome to the Nebraska State Athletic Commission web site. This web site contains information about professional boxing, professional mixed martial arts, amateur mixed martial arts, sparring matches, and other boxing exhibitions within the state, as well as helpful information on commonly asked questions. We encourage you to use this site frequently to access information about events, applications and permits required. Please contact the Webmaster if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how we can improve this web site.


  • The Nebraska Athletic Commission has adopted the 2016 WADA Prohibited List.
  • All contestants competing in amateur and professional MMA and professional boxing are subject to anti-doping tests. It is each contestantís responsibility to understand what substances are prohibited.
  • The detection of any prohibited substance will result in a suspension. Professional athletes will also be fined.
  • The Commission has also adopted the Uniform Rules of Boxing and Unified Rules of MMA.
  • The Commissionís requirements have been clarified and organized according to license type. Each person licensed by the Commission is strongly advised to read the applicable sections of the regulations. A copy of the regulations can be found here.