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Welcome to the Nebraska State Athletic Commission web site. The Athletic Commission regulates amateur and professional mixed martial arts and professional boxing.

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New Regulations Effective September 5, 2016

The Nebraska Athletic Commission has adopted new regulations effective September 5, 2016, where the Commissionís requirements have been clarified and organized according to license type. Each person licensed by the Commission is strongly advised to read the applicable sections of the regulations.

As part of these new regulations, the Commission has officially adopted the WADA Prohibited Substances List. All amateur and professional MMA contestants and professional boxing contestants are subject to anti-doping tests that screen for the WADA list, with anti-doping failures subject to the following penalties as prescribed by law;

Anti-doping Penalties Amateur AND Professional Contestants Professional Contestants only
First Offense Suspension of up to one year Up to a $1,500 fine or 40% purse forfeiture, whatever is greater
Second Offense Suspension of up to three years Up to a $3,000 fine or 70% purse forfeiture, whatever is greater
Third and Subsequent Offenses Suspension of up to a lifetime ban Up to a $5,000 fine or 100% purse forfeiture, whatever is greater

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